Friday, May 14, 2010


Two quick anecdotes from our "Ruff" life the past two days:

1.  Paw Paw to Sam: What city do the MN Twins play for? (Sam is a big fan!)
     Sam:  St. Paul and St. Louis Park!

2.  Not more than 10 minutes ago I was putting laundry away.  Caleb went into my closet.  I heard him pulling out some paint cans his dad had stored in there after painting the upstairs bathroom today.  I kept putting clothes into my dresser and the kids' various piles.  Then, I went to hang up my blouses and guess what I found?  Yup.  Caleb had opened one of the cans and had his hands in the paint.  There was paint on his pjs, his face and the carpet.  We got it all off of him.  He cried and pointed to the closet while saying, "yogurt!"  Now, does anyone know how to get it out of the carpet?

1 comment:

  1. Goof off and a stiff comb works pretty well, but I've also had to wait until the paint was nice and hard, then cut the top of the fibers out to get RED paint off my new cream carpet....a few houses ago. Haven't had that kind of accident since, thank goodness!