Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My heart is melting...

As Steve and C were getting ready to pick up the kids at church tonight, I looked at my baby and said, "I love you!" He looked at me with his big bright smile. Then, guess what happened? He said it back. Yes, I kid you not, he said, "I love you!" Ok, so you have to understand his 22 month old pronounciation, but he said it. It's official. My baby loves me. My heart is melting and my spirit is soaring. I can conquer the world.


  1. I love you too! (And Steve and Caleb, and Sam and Lola and Isaac!)

    This is such a sweet story. I love moments that make us feel like we can do anything. You deserve it, mama!

    Much love from New York!

  2. I was a godmother for the first time today. My cousin's first daughter (after 3 boys!) was baptized and it was a wonderful time. I love watching all my family's kids get big and develop personalities, say their first meaningful words. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations, Sara! What fun for you to be an aunt and a godmother. What lucky kids to have an aunt who loves them so much and is so involved. My god-daughter has her first communion this weekend. And, I'll be there flashing my proud godmother peacock feathers. I imagine you will do the same for all your god-daughter's important events. Enjoy the special relationship!